Discover your story.

Showcase it for sharing.

Turn it into your Superpower!



The world is looking for cycle breakers, changemakers and women like you to inspire those around them.

No matter what your story is, when you learn how to tell it, share it and do so authentically you'll change your world, yourself and your business.

Heal your wounds, authentically become an authority, and call in clients who can't wait to work with you.

Join me to learn how to 10x your know, like, trust, fast track your credibility and find out how you can instantly & authentically qualify yourself in the eyes of your ideal clients.

Jessie Shedden - Best Selling Author & Story Telling Mentor*

*Aka Chicken-Loving, Cult-Escaping Badass

Tell your story, change your life!

Whether you want to start a movement, attract more clients, leave a legacy or just see your name in print, telling your story is one of the most powerful things you'll ever do.

Understand why successful women use their story to fast track their credibility, become sought after experts in their field and call in an abundance of money.

Quickly tap into the one thing that all entrepreneurs you aspire to have, even if you are just starting out, without needing to manage huge groups or host challenges.

Create Your Superpower Story!

Here's a snapshot of what we'll cover:

Discover Your Story

Learn the only components you need, so you can quit overthinking and stalling on sharing what you really want to, whilst ensuring it packs a punch with those that need to hear it most.

Identify the key moments in your story, your beginning, middle and end. Understand what your readers what to hear and how you can tap into that directly.

Showcase it for sharing

Figure out the best medium for you, depending on the purpose behind your sharing, from PR to podcasts, books to blogs.

Understand how to tie your story together and package it into ready to use content to call in ideal clients who want what you are offering, as you 10x your know, like, trust factors.

Turn it into your superpower!

Unlock your unique goldmine, whilst doing things entirely your way. Understand how impactful this will be for your own life and prepare for the healing it will yield. Kick impostor syndrome to the curb by being entirely yourself - the authority that you naturally are.

Say goodbye to pressure selling!

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Discover how you can take your greatest secret and make it your superpower!

How you can drop your story into everyday conversations to form deep connections and never being forgotten again!

How you can take ownership of the shitty experiences you've had in life and turn them into gold that works for you!

How you can go from feeling invisible, unseen & unheard to being the person that people can't wait to work with!