• Yourself & Your Life Purpose
  • Your Authentic Confidence
  • Full Profundity in Relationships

Here's the nub of it, we all want to know:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How do I carry it out? &
  • Who's supposed to be beside me while I do?

Welcome to one of the most down to earth yet utterly inspiring environments on the tinterwebs. Somewhere you are free to be entirely you and yet also discover who that actually even is! Where truly nebulous questions on identity, confidence and relationships are answered in super easy to understand ways.

Want to know how?

Yeah - I'm that chick!

Hey, I'm Jessie - let me tell ya briefly how Authentic Badassery has utterly transformed my life...

This resource is the best of the last four years, of figuring out how to turn my shit into gold. In it, I share with you how I went from not knowing who I was to developing my very unique identity; from deep people-pleaser to seeing myself as important as anyone else and from a series of pretty-shitty relationships to becoming a Badass At Love.

And I can't keep this to myself anymore - because I now realise it isn't only me that struggled with this!

I've achieved more in the last 4 years than the entire first 30 years of my life, peeled away centuries of beliefs, taken quantum leaps into my next level self & cultivated a relationship that continues to exceed my wildest dreams.

I have never been happier, more at peace, more congruent, more deeply authentically confident, more loved, appreciated & respected. All of this is thanks to living the frameworks outlined in The School of Authentic Badassery.

Here's just a taste of the incredible opportunities Authentic Badassery has offered me:

  • I now have a wardrobe that is entirely uniquely me and ensures it's almost impossible to forget me (gone are those painful high heels!)
  • I released decades of trauma, shame & guilt when I owned my story in 2 books (both of which I wrote in 40 days) and received rewards of acceptance and newfound self-belief.
  • I spent a year modelling after 23 years of being bullied for my appearance - resulting in well over 50 photoshoots.
  • I finally figured out why other people didn't think like I did and was able to crack the code on how to communicate with them in a way they could relate to.
  • I got to the bottom of why I appeared to be stuck in a cycle of copy & paste relationships that were only getting worse, and am now in a relationship that continues to make my heart burst with joy on a daily basis.
  • I found my voice after years of being silenced and have spoken avidly to national and international newspapers, magazines & podcasts
  • I have discovered and owned my innate talents (of which I was previously convinced I had absolutely none, or at the very best were elusive).

Because I have followed these frameworks outlined in The School of Authentic Badassery, I have been able to transform my self-esteem, & create a healthy environment in which to allow myself to grow & heal at depth & speed.

Thanks to the content in the school I genuinely wake up daily rolling my eyes to the ceiling and clenching my fists as I marvel at how much I absolutely adore my life now. I am beyond proud of who I've discovered that I am, of what I bring to the world, of the life that is mine.

I am not here to fix you, I am here to inspire you - as your example.

Ever find yourself...



There must be more to life but you can't figure out for the life of you what it is for you?



Like stories of the past have their arms wrapped around your heart & throat each time you want to step forward confidently?



Showing up for yourself & your epic dreams because it's damn scary which makes you feel like a failure before you've even started?



To be in a relationship where it's actually safe to be you & receive love beyond measure?

If so, welcome! That's been me on more occasions than you'd believe - you are in entirely the right place - because we are about to walk through really simple ways to shift all of that! Now is your time and this is your sign.

What would your life be like if...

You had made friends with the skeletons in your closet and know that no matter what you said or did you had your own back - no one could trip you up there?

You felt confident to wear whatever the cluck you wanted no matter where you were or who you were around - your days of people-pleasing were gone?

You not only knew you had amazing gifts and talents but delighted in sprinkling them all over the damn world just because it was such fun?

You finally understood people, allowing you to network and broaden your social circles while being your entirely amazing self - which everyone seems to fall in love with?

Drama was almost non-existent in your life and if it came up at all you knew how to nip that damn thing in the bud with ease and confidence?

You talked to yourself like someone you loved, cheering and supporting and encouraging your inner truth to fire the f up?

Your relationship blew your socks off year after year, instead of feeling dead-ended, trapped and stale?

You could understand and make these changes super simply with a fabulous support circle to cheer you on and love on your newfound abilities?

Are you ready for life as an Authentic Badass?

Like, how good does it sound?!

Tell me...

What inner dialogues keep you up at night? Do you...

  • Wish you didn't worry so much about what other people thought?
  • Rehash a conversation in 100 different ways because you didn't manage to say what you were really thinking?
  • Feel frustrated that no matter what you do nothing seems to change in your relationship?
  • Feel envious when you see other people just out there acing it and you feel left behind?
  • Feel like you can never really be you because people would just think you were weird?
  • Believe that if you only knew what your purpose was, everything would be easier?
  • Want to be, do & have more, but true happiness feels so out of reach?
  • Dream of being with someone who was excited about creating life with you?

Personal & professional aspirations come within your control when you know how to use your confidence & badassery.

Having the knowledge to fall back on when you or others attempt to shame you for either stepping into your power or giving it away will be invaluable to you on your journey into embodying authentic badassery.

Allow the information to seep into your consciousness, observe what comes up & consider new choices.


"I now have the very rare feeling that I am ABSOLUTELY on the right way, which is quite unexpected & I feel understood, empowered, safe, courageous & excited. Things already shifted for me & I haven't even done anything yet! I am excited as a little kid before Christmas! I know big magic will come from this. You must do it!"

- Jessica Lorenz (Guldental, Germany)

"I surrender, I'm letting this bird out of the cage. I'm finding myself. No fucks given, letting my face & voice shine. "

- Billiejean Rouse (Auckland, NZ)

So What Do You Get?

You get 3 separate but highly linked modules

1: What is Authentic Badassery

Answering your soul's craving to discover your purpose and choose yourself.

2: Bring Out My Badass

Understanding balanced confidence & power and how to use it

3: Badass At Love

Discover why relationships are so hard, what's truly possible and how to receive it.

All feel a bit overwhelming to think about right now?

I promise you, the one thing I'm super good at is taking the big stuff and making it as simple as possible.

This is going to be about OMFG moments and 'Duh! That makes sooo much sense!'

This bundle takes three of my most sought after products, amps them up into something soo much bigger and then delivers them in an espresso cup!

  • Your dashboard gives you immediate access to the full range of audio clips for each module.
  • Along with journals that allow you to journal your notes as you go along.
  • You also have access to full transcripts of the audio's
  • And over 50 mantras, quotes, inspirational sayings, and diagrams.
  • Plus the option of 1:1 guidance sessions with me
  • And a free copy of my memoir Tomorrow's Not Promised
  • You are free to absorb this resource entirely at your own pace, and you will automatically receive all future updates on the program.

"I'm 49 seconds in & you've just described my entire first marriage! I'm mind-blown! It makes so much sense. It's like I'm not messed up for having struggles with my relationships. I love the way you take a very nebulous topic and break down all the information, making it super clear & easy to understand."

- Heather Reed (Washington, USA)

"I cannot begin to explain how much your wisdom and insight have changed my thinking so profoundly and so quickly!!! Your analogies and stories make this so so real. I need more!!!! Love it!!!! You just have such an amazing way of explaining and bringing things to life!! This is a MUST!!"

- Sarah Bailey (Gloucestershire, UK)

Choose the plan that's right for you and join today.

Self Guided

3 Epic Content Modules - audios & journals

50+ Mantras/Quote Posters

Learn entirely at your own speed in privacy


Hybrid Learning

3 Epic Content Modules - audios & journals

Plus 12 weeks of 1:1 Guidance Sessions


Payment Plan Available


Plus so much more, for a fraction of the price. Estimated combined Value of £5,555


Get to work with me each month to continue to grow into who you were always meant to be.


No set order, no rules, no need for perfectionism! Safe supportive group environment too.


Huge frickin' big subjects broken down into super tangible explanations!


"I LOVE Badass At Love. It is full of so many golden nuggets, sprinkles of wisdom and a whole heap of insights that have got me feeling, thinking and being so curious."

- Izi Friend (Cornwall, UK)

We've got A's for your Q's

I'm super busy right now, what's the timings on digesting it all?

I gotcha! You can do this all in your own time. Plus, you'll have the course for its entire lifetime. I've done my best to make this an espresso program - 10th of the size, all of the potency.  

What you puttin' in it Jessie?

Surface level stuff just doesn't light me up anymore, so you'll get a couple of thunderbolt shifts in understanding & some mind-blowing thought processes. I know, pretty cool right! Oh, there's a good dollop of practical actionable steps too. Powerful, but bite-sized.  

Got any payment plans for it, Jessie?

Aye, you bet! Love me a payment plan! Got you 2 sizzlin' ones. Go take your pick. See! Just how nice am I?!

You gonna guarantee me a specific result?

Nope! Because my only job is to share the info with you. It's back to you to take and apply whatever feels right to you. And as you do, you'll see incredible results start showing up all over the place. Gotta love the old compound effect!  

What's your deal on refunds?

I'm giving ya a 48hr window* to request one - we both know it's kinda unlikely you'll use it. But ya know, just in case. All you need to do is shoot me an email & I'll pop your money back, no questions asked. On a basic human decency thing - it would be super nice if you refrained from keeping the materials if that does happen.

*From date you receive the resource  

Look, I've bought other courses before & have been disappointed. What makes yours so different?

Me too sis, me too! Sucky isn't it Let me just say this... I had to look in a helluva lot of places to find this stuff & even now after years of applying it, I'm still not seeing people talking about it. Plus... Spirit is insistent that I need to share it!  

I've been watching you for a while Jessie, what you putting in here that's new?

Oooh gurl, a LOT! There's some stuff that's just too big to scatter around in my usual content! And I gotta confess, I've been keeping the best till now! I know, can you forgive me already so we can get started?!  Plus, all my highly sought after stuff too - you literally get the full deal!

48HR Guarantee Policy

There's not a shred of doubt in my mind this course is just epic, & if you take the time to digest it you'll change your life beyond anything you've experienced so far. But...if you get inside & somehow get the feeling that you & it aren't aligned right now - no biggie. Just shoot me an email at within the first 48 hours & I'll pop your money back.

Just be sure tho that this isn't sneaky old self-sabotage trying to do its dirty mean tricks. No shame if it is, I've been there many a time. If so, remind it to kindly clear off, so the fun can begin! There is no right or wrong way to complete this program, it's all exploratory with no judgment.

Still on the fence?

I'm here for your additional questions so don't hesitate to reach out. Email me ( & I'll get back to you within 24-48 hours, often much sooner. Together we'll get to the bottom of your concerns.