Get Noticed Like Never Before!

Hugely effective strategies for unconventional business growth.

Want to...

  • sell out before launching
  • be booked out for weeks in just hours
  • have your 1st 100k months in just weeks
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Jessie is for real the Queen of Stand Out! If you are ready to skyrocket your authority fast & start getting booked out, she's your girl!!! Suddenly everyone was saying 'Oh I found you because everyone was talking about you!!'

How can you do that?

I'll be giving you all the deets on:

  • how to get noticed like never before
  • the exact places I go for promotion opportunities
  • the very best of my 15 years of sales & marketing experience
  • zero sleaze - 100% authenticity
  • my specific suggestions & intuition on your business

What's the best option for you?

BUKA PR Workshop

Instant access to a 60-minute recorded workshop full of my kickass PR advice, strategies, and advice that's gotten me in front of 12.7million people.

Learn why they say I'm the Queen of Stand Out!

  • Immediately Actionable Tips for Every Business
  • Dozens of Real-Life Examples
  • The Power of 1 Article
  • High-Quality Resource Links
  • Reach Millions Easily for Free!


Access Now

Pick My Magical Brains

60 minutes of 1:1 with me looking at your business and sharing all my best marketing & sales secrets & intuition for your specific offers so you can start getting booked out!

Learn why they call me an Oprah Level Magic Worker!

  • Immediately actionable tips
  • Dozens of Real-Life Examples
  • Intuitive Guidance For Your Business
  • Over 15 Years of Sales & Marketing Expertise


Unbundle My Story Intensive

1 x 90 minutes 1:1 story unbundling. Together we'll do a fascinating deep dive into your personal story allowing you to get an outside view of all that you offer uniquely as a person in your own right.

So you can unblock your abundance flow & understand what you bring to this world.

  • Intuitive Framing For Your Story
  • Release Decades of Unspoken Feeling into Healing
  • Potent Intensive with Mindshifting Takeaways.


Why my customers love me:

"I wanted to go deep on my story & knew Jessie was an amazing storyteller. She showed me how to really dig deeply into new angles & how to share myself with the world. I felt like Wonder Woman! Working with her is like taking a microscope & peering deeply into your experiences to take out the parts that resonate. She is excellent at making connections that you don't see."

- Rosemary N (Texas, USA)

"Jessie gave me the permission to do what I wanted not what I thought I 'should' & instantly I was on the right track because everything I did just fell into place with ease and grace instead of the constant hustle and struggle I’d had before. I am almost booked out before I even launch. I don't think I would have had the courage without Jessie. For the first time in a really long time, I’m excited about the future! I’m so glad I’ve got Jessie in my corner."

- Melinda (Wollongong, NSW)

"I booked with Jessie because I needed help embodying my story & I knew she was the right person to talk to; a non-judgmental safe space. She's a total Oprah Level Magic Worker!!! She helped me clear some deep mindset blocks, honestly her guidance & sisterhood have been so helpful. I feel lighter, freer & more connected to myself."

- Sarah B (Missiouri, USA)