Kickass PR for coaches who are ready to never be forgotten again!


Everywhere you look, everyone seems to be doing the same as you…so how do you stand out in a sea of beige and ensure that you are the one people hit up the inbox of?

You post, you go live, do IG reels, give value posts, but instead of hearing money tumbling into your account, you listen to crickets laughing at you.

It’s depressing; it’s hard to keep sharing content when you don’t get any meaningful interaction back.

But what if you could stand out from the pack? Actually become unforgettable so that your ideal client hits up your inbox asking to do work with you, instead of you being tempted to send sales messages to them?

If your advice was sought and you were asked to feature on podcasts, speak at events, be featured in magazines and newspapers where your ideal clients are hanging out?

If you could display a long list of ‘As Seen In’ directly under your name in all your marketing?

Join me to learn how introverts who hate bragging about themselves can get PR too!

And why you shouldn't leave your PR in the hands of agencies and miss out on fun and money!

And how even if you think you have nothing to talk about you will be brimming with ideas!

Because I’ll be sharing with you the exact steps, I took to get featured in over 30 different media outlets, my favourite place to find podcast interview requests, where you can locate PR opportunities every single day, and how you can make your superpower story start working for you before you’ve even written it!

With my techniques and tips, you will easily reach millions of fresh eyes whilst having fun, being 100% authentic and discovering why you are absolutely the go-to person for your ideal client.

"The moment you explained it, it seemed soo obvious and made so much sense, but I'd never thought of this before."

- Janka Ulbricht

"After your fab training last week, you have got me 'trying on' my versions of unique!"

- Shirley Everingham

As the chicken-loving, cult-escaping badass, inspirational best-selling author and storytelling coach who has released 3 books and been featured in over 30 times in the last 12 months across Podcasts, Radio, TV, Magazines, and more, I’m deeply passionate about helping female coaches be seen where and receive credit in ways they never dreamed possible, no matter what their background is. Because I have proved first-hand how you can go from completely unknown and barely noticed to totally unforgettable where you can change impact lives and call in your ideal clients without having to prove a thing!

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