Create Your Magnetic Story & call in abundance!

Your Magnetic Story

1:1 90 minute intensive to extract, format and showcase your superpower story!

Get ready to...

  • Convert leads to clients effortlessly!
  • Have an utter blast being yourself and calling in ideal clients!
  • Create endless amounts of magnetic content with utter ease!
  • Excellerate your client attraction methods like never before!
Cluck Yes, Jessie!

There are a zillion different ways to get clients, from paying for fancy Facebook ads to friend requesting random strangers.

But super-duper successful aligned coaches, just like you, want methods that aren’t icky-sticky like cold messaging and random splatter and scatter techniques where you hope and pray that 1 in 10 will want what you have.

They want authentic connections with real Michelle’s & Trish’s where they can talk genuinely with 5 awesome prospects and bring them onboard.

Doing this individually is awesome and is absolutely possible but takes a bit longer than traditional methods.

But you can expedite it by bringing your unique story into your branding and showing up as all of you so that your ideal clients are instantly bounding over like kangaroos to snaffle up what you have to offer and work with you!

Because that’s exactly what happens when you start sharing your unique Superpower Story.

Where others are using funnels and email sequences to build up the trust factor with their leads, your unique Superpower Story 10x’s the know, like, trust factor, and allows your clients to cut out months of hanging out in your emails and buy from the first post of yours they see.

Cool right?!!

Ever done that yourself?

You read a post, think this woman just gets me! And before you know it you’ve purchased something from her that you didn’t even know you needed when you swung your legs out of bed that morning!

This is what’s in store for you when you grab one of my 90minute intensives where we extract your unique story components and weave them into your superpower story hybrid and showcase it for sharing, ensuring you stand out as entirely unique and 100% ‘the one’ for your ideal clients, in whatever audience you are in.

All those different groups you hang out in?

Well, now they will be bringing you hot prospects in a way you never saw before, the friends of friends will be contacting you as the word goes out on the grapevine and in next to no time, it will be entirely impossible to forget you and leads will be appearing out of the woodwork.

Because this is what happens when you book a 90minute Magnetic Story Intensive – slide into my DM’s so that we can start creating your Superpower Story right away and have you converting leads faster than you can say ‘Tie me kangaroo down’!

Fun, ease and utmost confidence

Are you sick of not being sure what to post?

Do you spend hours trying to script something clever only for it to get zero interaction?

And as for messenger, you'd think your sales offers smelt of chicken shit.
Or maybe you just feel like business is so heavy and serious.

When you are simply you, having fun and telling stories...

...everything gets to be so much more fun!

Yet people are out there making a killin' from their posts and messenger conversations -

not to mention growing their audiences like rabbits on speed!

Isn't it time you had some of what they've got?

"When Jessie started offering 90-minute intensives, I booked in ASAP! Why? Because as we uplevel in our businesses, we are called to increased visibility and deeper sharing...and who else to help me do it but the story-sharing queen!!

Those 90 minutes were gold. It was amazing to have someone that could help me figure out why I was hesitating to share these things, and more importantly, how to share in a way that felt safe and comfortable for me. 

 As entrepreneurs and as humans, connection is everything. If you're not're not connecting. If you need some fine-tuning in your messaging, Jessie is your girl! Book an intensive now so you can start showing up empowered and ready to shine!"

Gaby Abrams - RTT Practioner & Success Coach

"I really needed help embodying my story & speaking up more & I knew she was the right person to talk with - a non-judgmental safe space.

I’ve now post on my Facebook profile daily WITHOUT hiding from people, out of fear of rejection! I’ve started writing again & gained clarity in my stories & my offerings & how they work together.

She’s a total Oprah level magic worker!


I’m NOT afraid to speak my mind now. I feel confident about sharing my perspective. I realize now that when I was worried about sharing, I would put out a weird vibe & then people would give me a weird vibe back."

Sarah Buehner - Intuitive Alignment Coach & Burnout Recovery Coach

"I booked a session with Jessie because I wanted to go deep on my story and knew she’s an amazing storyteller.

She showed me how to really dig deeply into new angles of how to share myself with the world.

I felt like Wonder Woman!

Working with her is like taking a microscope & peering deeply into your experiences & pulling out the parts that will resonate with your audience.

I loved our session, Jessie is excellent at making connections in your story that you don't see yourself and helping you pull out nuggets that may not have occurred to you to share.

Rosemary Noe - Embodiment Coach

"I struggled to identify my story and how to share my experience to attract ideal clients.

I've now learned I have MANY experiences that I have lived through that have allowed me to grow to be who I am today. Sharing these could give someone else strength to push through their own challenges.

I realised how much the fear of judgement of others is holding me back from sharing my journey.

I feel lighter, aware and ready to move forward to find my people! It's like an episode of 'This My Story' ...awakening!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Nicole Gonclaves - Coach & Change Manager

90min Intensive

**Black Friday Special**

1 Payment of £197

New Price: £297

90minutes of laser-focused coaching that primes you to release your greatest stories and have your ideal clients itching to get a slice of what you have on offer.

Fully recorded Zoom Session to ensure you don't miss any of the juicy bits!

Entirely personalised to you!

90min Intensive Payment Plan

**Black Friday Special**

2 Monthly Payments of £99

New Price: 2 Monthly Payments of £149

90minutes of laser-focused coaching that primes you to release your greatest stories and have your ideal clients itching to get a slice of what you have on offer.

Fully recorded Zoom Session to ensure you don't miss any of the juicy bits!

Entirely personalised to you!

It's incredible!

I'm Jessie, an inspirational best selling author and storytelling coach. Using storytelling and all of the processes, mindset and strategies that I will be showing you in this program, I have been able to go from not existing in this world to reaching over 24,063,000 (yes that's 24 million) people with my story. In less than 9 months. By being just 100% my authentic self, without paying for ads, having a flock of people to help me or spending a cent. (I might have used some fowl language tho...)

I'm also a chicken-loving, cult-escaping badass with a background in marketing and I love having deep meaningful conversations that form real connections and open up infinite possibilities.

Even if you are an introverted overthinker who didn't pass a single exam in high school and is known for her dyslexic spelling errors I can promise you this stuff works fast!

Because once you discover your uniqueness everybody's going to want a slice of what you have to offer!

And I'm about to show you exactly how to find it!